Football Five Episode 2

It was a wild week one in the NFL. I give you five of my observations from week 1 which include the Pacman Jones non-suspension and the demise of Peyton Manning. I also take look ahead to week two and three games that I expect to have raucous, playoff-like atmospheres. Feedback is always welcome and appreciated.

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  1. September 17, 2015 at 8:24 am

    1 – Goodell might be reluctant to suspend anyone after having his Brady decision overturned.
    2 – Haven’t given the new extra point much thought.
    3 – I agree about the importance of the pass rush in today’s quarterback driven league. That’s how the NY Giants beat the 18-0 Patriots in the Super Bowl.
    4 – Manning can still win, but he’s close to done. I don’t think he’ll play another year. But what a career! Maybe the greatest QB ever.
    5 – I’m glad Mariotta had a good game.
    Weird is as weird does.
    You should go to the NY Post where they had front and back page cover blasting Manning. In one, they had his helmet in a cone head shape that said, “DUNCE.”

    The 49’s power ranked 5th? Sounds like a home town fan, lol.

    Sure, there was a lot of slop this past week, but as my mom used to say, “Just eat it.”

    I’m not sure Rex Ryan can make it happen in Buffalo, but you nailed it; he’s fun.

    1 – GO PACKERS! I agree with you here.
    2 – You may be right, but i’m rooting for the Jets.
    3 – I hope you’re wrong, but I’ll watch the game to find out. I’m a Peyton fan.
    4 – I HATE the Patriots and I like Rex and Buffalo so I’m hoping for a Bills win.
    5 – Cowboys/Eagles should be a good game; I’d be surprised to see a blowout.

    A lot of good topics and I enjoyed this podcast.

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