Batter Up Episode 7

I’m back on my solo mission! I laid down 9 topics on my latest episode of my podcast that I call “Batter Up!” Enjoy!

  1. RecappingĀ the final chapter of the Manning vs Brady rivalry.
  2. Cam Newton has been the MAN this season and soon will be the MVP.
  3. Who will win Super Bowl 50?
  4. Cam Newton’s antics on the field are good for the game.
  5. The longer PAT proves huge in the AFC Championship.
  6. The “fumble” that could’ve cost the Broncos dearly.
  7. The magnitude of the Warriors’ 30-point win over the Spurs.
  8. Putting the importance of Spurs vs Warriors in a historical context.
  9. David Blatt is out in Cleveland and I am on board.



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