FKSR Episode 1

1st Segment: A preview of the Conference Finals in the NBA (well at least the conference that will be competitive).

2nd Segment: What Stephen Curry becoming the first unanimous MVP means to the NBA.

3rd Segment: I settle the Bulls vs Warriors debate once and for all.

4th Segment: I rant about a number of topics including Odor’s right hook, Bryce Harper’s suspension, Laremy Tunsil’s gas mask, Sam Bradford’s vagina, and the disrespectful Dwyane Wade.



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  1. May 17, 2016 at 7:03 am

    Sounding good, Matt. Starting with the Animals bit is a classy move. Then some rap – ah well, as I always say, “He’s just a young boy, lol.” I don’t follow the NBA the way I used to, but I like your assessment of the teams still involved. Out of the semi-finalists, I hope either Golden State or Cleveland take it. Great segue with Jimi – good balance mix, too.

    When I read that Stephen Curry was the first unanimous MVP, I was shocked. After all, that means that not even Russell, Chamberlain, the Big O, Kareem, Jordan, etc. have done it. That’s amazing. Your commentary gave me a better insight into Curry’s achievement.

    In baseball, I understand why some writers won’t vote for anyone on the first ballot (they’re NOT voting against). Griffey is likely the greatest player of the last forty years, but he is not the best ever. I think the unanimous vote will come in the future when a player retires and everyone agrees that he is the best player ever. After Ruth, for me that would be Mays, but someone could come along who people agree is even better than those two greats.

    My favorite Christopher Walken line – I recited it to your dad when we talked him into watching Man On Fire with us that time you both visited NY.

    When you talk about which team is greater, one criteria is for a single season and another is over an extended period of time – the teams that were dynasties. I think a lot of teams could make an argument for a single season; there are lots of great teams from different times with different rules and philosophies, but for an era, no one can touch the old Bill Russell Celtic dynasty. I believe 8 championships in a row and a few more to add to that.

    I agree that what happened to Tunsil was unfortunate, but the video came out on the day of the draft and clearly the teams that initially wanted to have him were concerned, but didn’t have any time to examine the situation. The person at fault was the person who posted the video and if it turns out to be a former agent than he should be liable for the money Tunsil lost.

    I’ve always liked Dwayne Wade and I’m sorry to hear about his behavior, which was disrespectful.

    Great show!

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