Batter Up Episode 5

1. Warriors vs Rockets Game 2: The Rockets made the right decision not calling a timeout on the last possession.

2. Warriors vs Rockets Game 2: The Warriors fall into the trap of playing slower with a lead late.

3. A position-less NBA is good for everybody.

4. Athletes without titles are not necessarily choke artists.

5. Players need to be more aware of the fundamental rules within their sport.

6. The NFL’s punishment of Tom Brady and the Patriots was spot on (for once).

7. Ryan Tannehill’s contract is dumb, but the Dolphins had no choice.

8. The new PAT distance will still make for a relatively meaningless play.

9. Free Riley Curry!

Batter Up Episode 3

1. Analyzing the Warriors 20 point comeback win against the Pelicans.

2. Anthony Davis is the future of the NBA.

3. NBA award voting has become a joke.

4. Rajon Rondo should never start another game in the NBA.

5. Scott Brooks was fired, and rightfully so.

6. Flopping in the NBA is not the fault of the players.

7. Chris Rock’s take on baseball was spot on.

8. PK Subban should have been suspended.

9. We need more NHL playoff overtimes.

Batter Up Episode 1

Here are the nine topics discussed this week:

1. The historic season of the University of Kentucky men’s basketball team.

2. The unique success of the 2014-15 Golden State Warriors.

3. Stephen Curry is running away with theĀ NBA MVP race.

4. Professional sports have become too friendly.

5. Proposed rule changes will not have any impact on the NFL.

6. Chris Borland’s retirement will not hurt the NFL.

7. The NFL and NBA should follow Major League Baseball’s lead in speeding up the pace of play.

8. The Designated Hitter is a must in both leagues.

9. It is barbaric to allow fighting in the NHL.