Batter Up Episode 4

1. The first round of the NBA playoffs is relatively meaningless.

2. The “Hack-a-Shaq” has to go.

3. Tim Duncan belongs atop the NBA GOAT conversation.

4. Winston and Mariota, one of them is likely to fail.

5. I’m not a fan of running backs in the first round of the NFL draft.

6. Major League Baseball blew it by having the Orioles and White Sox play in an empty stadium.

7. Floyd vs Manny is the death of boxing.

8. More replays is not the solution in any sport.

9. Rehab for athletes has become a cop out.

Batter Up Episode 1

Here are the nine topics discussed this week:

1. The historic season of the University of Kentucky men’s basketball team.

2. The unique success of the 2014-15 Golden State Warriors.

3. Stephen Curry is running away with theĀ NBA MVP race.

4. Professional sports have become too friendly.

5. Proposed rule changes will not have any impact on the NFL.

6. Chris Borland’s retirement will not hurt the NFL.

7. The NFL and NBA should follow Major League Baseball’s lead in speeding up the pace of play.

8. The Designated Hitter is a must in both leagues.

9. It is barbaric to allow fighting in the NHL.