FKSR Episode 4

1st Segment РReliving spectacular performances by LeBron and Kyrie in Game 5 and predicting the rest of the series.

2nd Segment – There’s plenty of blame to go around for Draymond Green’s Game 5 suspension, including Draymond, LeBron, and the NBA.

3rd Segment – The 3rd & Inches crew, Ryan and Alex, are back to discuss abandonment issues.

4th Segment – Ranting about Von Miller’s childish ways, Darren McFragile, the length (and girth) of the NBA Finals, and stupid sports “fans.”


FKSR Episode 1

1st Segment: A preview of the Conference Finals in the NBA (well at least the conference that will be competitive).

2nd Segment: What Stephen Curry becoming the first unanimous MVP means to the NBA.

3rd Segment: I settle the Bulls vs Warriors debate once and for all.

4th Segment: I rant about a number of topics including Odor’s right hook, Bryce Harper’s suspension, Laremy Tunsil’s gas mask, Sam Bradford’s vagina, and the disrespectful Dwyane Wade.



I Get Around Episode 5

11377213_10207119031043067_3975789884106587555_nWorld Record holder, Chuck Booth (right), was kind enough to join me after my hiatus from the podcast. Chuck is attempting to visit an MLB stadium every day of the season in 2015. He plans to take in around 220 games in the 183 day season. We discuss his tour this year and his record breaking stretch of 23 days in 2012 visiting all 30 MLB parks in which he became the fastest to visit all 30 parks breaking his previous record of 24 days.

I’d love to see all 30 parks, but take my time doing so. Listen to how Chuck is able to do it so often and on a budget.

Batter Up Episode 4

1. The first round of the NBA playoffs is relatively meaningless.

2. The “Hack-a-Shaq” has to go.

3. Tim Duncan belongs atop the NBA GOAT conversation.

4. Winston and Mariota, one of them is likely to fail.

5. I’m not a fan of running backs in the first round of the NFL draft.

6. Major League Baseball blew it by having the Orioles and White Sox play in an empty stadium.

7. Floyd vs Manny is the death of boxing.

8. More replays is not the solution in any sport.

9. Rehab for athletes has become a cop out.

Batter Up Episode 3

1. Analyzing the Warriors 20 point comeback win against the Pelicans.

2. Anthony Davis is the future of the NBA.

3. NBA award voting has become a joke.

4. Rajon Rondo should never start another game in the NBA.

5. Scott Brooks was fired, and rightfully so.

6. Flopping in the NBA is not the fault of the players.

7. Chris Rock’s take on baseball was spot on.

8. PK Subban should have been suspended.

9. We need more NHL playoff overtimes.

Batter Up Episode 2

1. Westbrook avoids suspension as the NBA rescinds his technical foul.

2. Crabtree to the Raiders is a non-Raider move.

3. Tiger Woods and Derrick Rose aren’t back, and they may never be.

4. MLB really doesn’t care about steroids in baseball.

5. How to judge an athletes upside.

6. MJ vs. LBJ, but not how you think.

7. Officiating is at an all-time low.

8. Unfortunately for fans, NBA coaches have every right to rest players.

9. Stay on the playing surface and off of Twitter.

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Batter Up Episode 1

Here are the nine topics discussed this week:

1. The historic season of the University of Kentucky men’s basketball team.

2. The unique success of the 2014-15 Golden State Warriors.

3. Stephen Curry is running away with the NBA MVP race.

4. Professional sports have become too friendly.

5. Proposed rule changes will not have any impact on the NFL.

6. Chris Borland’s retirement will not hurt the NFL.

7. The NFL and NBA should follow Major League Baseball’s lead in speeding up the pace of play.

8. The Designated Hitter is a must in both leagues.

9. It is barbaric to allow fighting in the NHL.