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I Get Around Episode 5

11377213_10207119031043067_3975789884106587555_nWorld Record holder, Chuck Booth (right), was kind enough to join me after my hiatus from the podcast. Chuck is attempting to visit an MLB stadium every day of the season in 2015. He plans to take in around 220 games in the 183 day season. We discuss his tour this year and his record breaking stretch of 23 days in 2012 visiting all 30 MLB parks in which he became the fastest to visit all 30 parks breaking his previous record of 24 days.

I’d love to see all 30 parks, but take my time doing so. Listen to how Chuck is able to do it so often and on a budget.

I Get Around Episode 4


Former NBA and ABA player, and two time National Champion with the UCLA Bruins, Swen Nater was kind enough to join the program. Swen and I talked some NBA Finals and he still thinks the Warriors will win the series. Swen was also kind enough to talk about his journey to play professional basketball. He shares some very personal details about his life and hope you all appreciate it as I do. Swen is pictured here with Coach John Wooden and Bill Walton.

I apologize in advance for the sound, Swen’s voice is a bit muffled at times. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did recording it.


I Get Around Episode 3


For the first time in 40 years, the Golden State Warriors are in the NBA Finals. My good friend, Anthony Cross, joined me to preview the series. We talked about a variety of topics including: how each team is going to defend the other team’s star, LeBron’s legacy, and the beginning of Stephen Curry’s legacy. We also took some time to discuss the travesty that is James Harden. I hope you an enjoy this excellent conversation as much as I did.


I Get Around Episode 2


Former Golden State Warrior and first Filipino American to play in the NBA, Raymond Townsend, joined the program. Raymond and I talked about the current Golden State Warriors and NBA playoffs. We also dove into his journey, as a Filipino America, to UCLA to play for Bruins under John Wooden and eventually the NBA. We talked a lot of hoops, but also talked about finding inspiration and pursuing your goals. I hope you enjoy this and would love to hear your thoughts on our conversation.


I Get Around Episode 1

For the inaugural episode, I am joined by my former 95.7 The Game colleague, Josh Rosenberg. Josh and I talk Golden State Warriors basketball. We cover Stephen Curry’s NBA MVP award ceremony, the Dubs second round series with the Memphis Grizzlies, the historic nature of their 2014-15 season, and every other Golden State Warriors topic that we could get to.

Here is a link to purchase Josh’s book, “Suddenly Facing Reality.”

Click here for Josh’s Book