Who’s to Blame: Scobee or Tomlin?

The Pittsburgh Steelers squandered an opportunity to beat the division rival Baltimore Ravens without their starting quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, on Thursday night. This was not one of those games where we have to ask if the Steelers lost the game or if the Ravens won it; it was abundantly clear that the Steelers choked this game away. We must, of course, direct the blame at somebody or something for this disastrous defeat. Most of the fingers are being pointed at kicker Josh Scobee or head coach Mike Tomlin.

Scobee missed two 4th quarter field goals (from 49 and 41 yards) on the Steelers last two possessions of regulation. The Steelers had also seen Scobee miss two field goals and an extra point three weeks into the season. The misses were inexcusable for an NFL kicker; even though Heinz Field is one of the most difficult NFL stadiums on kickers. Had Scobee hit either one of the field goals, the game would have belonged to the Steelers. Instead, the misses made Tomlin reluctant to put Scobee back out there for long field goal attempts and questionable decisions ensued.

The Steelers had two possessions in overtime and turned the ball over on downs on each of them.

The first possession of overtime saw the Steelers faced with a 3rd and 2 from the Baltimore 39 yard-line. On 3rd down Michael Vick could not hook up with Antonio Brown over the middle bringing up a 4th and 2. I would have been a 57 yard field goal, which was never going to be an option. The Steelers could have punted in an attempt to pin the Ravens deep in their own territory. Mike Tomlin decided to roll the dice and go for it. The decision to go for it was not a bad idea at all, but Tomlin should have known before the 3rd down play that he was willing to go for it on 4th. Had the Tomlin decided that this was four-down territory, a run play with Le’Veon Bell would have been the logical 3rd down play. Give your running back two plays to pick up two yards. Bell ran the ball 22 times for 129 yards in the game; I like his chances to pick it up. On 4th down the Steelers ran a horribly telegraphed quarterback sweep with Vick around the left side that was stopped for no gain. The Ravens would take over at their own 39 yard-line with a chance to earn their first win of the season.

The Steelers second possession of overtime began at their own 41 yard-line thanks to the defense forcing the Ravens to go three and out, and a 29-yard punt return by Antonio Brown. After just three plays, the Steelers found themselves in familiar territory with a 3rd and 2 from the Baltimore 33. For most teams in the NFL the 33 yard-line is definitely within field goal range, but not for the Steelers. Once again the Steelers turned to the pass on 3rd down when Vick rolled to his left and hit Le’Veon Bell in the flat where he was immediately brought down by Ravens safety, Will Hill, for a gain of just a yard. To Hill’s credit, Bell did not have any time to turn up field after catching the pass. One has to think that Bell would’ve had a better shot of picking up the 1st if he had some momentum going up the field. Now faced with a 4th and 1, the Steelers are certainly going to run it with Bell, right? Wrong! Antonio Brown motioned across the formation from left to right and ran a speed out. With Brown now on his right, Vick had to open up his hips to throw the ball quickly to Brown in the flat. Had the play been flipped, the throw would have been much easier for the lefty, Vick, to make the throw. Vick threw it to Brown but it was high and behind him. The Steelers gave the ball back to the Ravens on downs once again and would not get it back.

The Steelers ran four plays in overtime on 3rd or 4th down with two yards or less to go for a 1st and failed to run the ball with Le’Veon Bell a single time. This loss falls squarely on the shoulders of Mike Tomlin and offensive coordinator, Todd Haley. Without Ben Roethlisberger, the Steelers relied heavily on Le’Veon Bell except when it mattered most. It’s almost as though Tomlin and Haley didn’t see what happened to the Seahawks in the Super Bowl when they decided not to give the ball to their best player on 2nd and goal from the 1. Tomline failed to think ahead on both overtime possessions. On a 3rd and short in your opponent’s territory, a coach should already know whether or not he is willing to go for it on 4th down. Based on the timeouts the Steelers took between the 3rd and 4th down plays, Tomlin had no idea and was not prepared to make that decision. Mike Tomlin continues to be one of the NFL’s best motivators and one of its worst strategists.

Week 2 NFL Power Rankings


One thing’s for certain after Week 2 of the NFL season, we know nothing! Or at least I know nothing. Two of my top five teams from last week lost in Week 2, while each of my bottom six teams earned victories. Here’s my crack at this week’s rankings with some major adjustments in place. Please feel free to let me know how fantastic or fantastically horrible my rankings are. Enjoy!


  1. New England Patriots (2-0) – Weren’t the Bills supposed to challenge the Patriots this week? Tom Brady and the offense had their way with Rex Ryan’s defense. Brady looks as good as he ever has and the combination of Dion Lewis and Julian Edelman are reaping the benefits of playing alongside matchup nightmare, Rob Gronkowski. The defense is still a concern but late scores by the Bills made the final score closer than the game was actually played. (Last Week: 1)


  1. Green Bay Packers (2-0) – No Jordy, no problem for Aaron Rodgers. The Packers offense moved the ball extremely well on the Seahawks on Sunday night despite key offensive weapons going down during the game. Good news for Green Bay, Eddie Lacy’s ankle injury does not appear to be serious. I still want to see what happens when this defense is tested, but they sit comfortably atop the NFC at the moment. (Last Week: 3)


  1. Denver Broncos (2-0) – This is without a doubt the best defense that Peyton Manning has ever played with. The Broncos have the best edge rushing duo and cornerback duo in the NFL. Once Kubiak seemingly stepped out of Manning’s way, the offense started to get going. I don’t think Manning’s arm will last into January, but I don’t see a 3rd team better than Denver right now. (Last Week: 11)


  1. Cincinnati Bengals (2-0) – Is Andy Dalton ready to take the next step? If he is, it’s due in large part to the emergence of Tyler Eifert with about 150 yards and 3 touchdowns in two games at tight end. The offense looks like it might finally be ready to pull its weight. Two Jeremy Hill fumbles are a concern, but Gio Bernard looked fantastic in relief of Hill. (Last Week: 4)


  1. Arizona Cardinals (2-0) – Larry Fitzgerald has found the fountain of youth. Carson Palmer is playing some of the best football of his career. The Arizona defense is as talented and fun to watch as any in the NFL. Beating the Saints and Bears aren’t exactly the most impressive wins, but they beat them both in convincing fashion. (Last Week: 13)


  1. Atlanta Falcons (2-0) – Wins are wins in the NFL. Narrow victories over the Eagles and Giants don’t exactly make the Falcons seem like Super Bowl contenders and they get the depleted Cowboys next. The defense has actually looked like they belong in the NFL and will only get better as the year progresses. The Falcons’ young running backs, Coleman and Freeman, are going to make teams respect the run game like they didn’t have to last year. (Last Week: 7)


  1. New York Jets (2-0) – Todd Bowles looks about as comfortable as any first time NFL head coach I’ve seen. And why shouldn’t he be comfortable? The Jets have forced 10 turnovers while only allowing 17 points through two weeks. Ryan Fitzpatrick has taken the opportunity given to him by a guy named IK and ran with it. Fitzpatrick seems quite fond of his two big targets, Marshall and Decker. (Last Week: 17)


  1. Kansas City Chiefs (1-1) – I have to ask, did the Broncos win on Thursday night or did the Chiefs lose? Kansas City was the better team on Thursday night. Andy Reid mismanaged the clock and his players mismanaged the ball to the tune of five turnovers. I still believe in this team, but Thursday had to be a huge wake up call for the Chiefs. (Last Week: 2)


  1. Pittsburgh Steelers (1-1) – If this team can figure out how to play on the road, look out! Big Ben and the Steelers offense put up 43 points while still missing Bell, Bryant, and Pouncey against a solid defense. Antonio Brown can’t be covered by anybody on planet Earth. Their defense will still have growing pains, but the front seven looked good in bottling up the 49ers rushing attack. (Last Week: 20)


  1. Buffalo Bills (1-1) – Not many offenses will carve up this Bills defense like New England did, but it was astonishing to watch. Consistency will be an issue with the inexperienced Tyrod Taylor at quarterback. Rex Ryan and his team will get better as the weather gets worse with an elite defense and strong running game. (Last Week: 6)


  1. San Francisco 49ers (1-1) – It’s certainly hard to get a read on the 49ers two weeks into the season. They ran into a buzz saw in the form of the Steelers on Sunday. I think their week one performance is more indicative of what this team is capable of. It’s going to be tough for them to win any game where Carlos Hyde is held in check like he was on Sunday. They need Hyde to pass concussion protocol in time for a big division game against the Cardinals in week three. (Last Week: 5)


  1. San Diego Chargers (1-1) – No shame in losing in Cincy as the Chargers did in week two. Melvin Gordon looks to be adapting nicely to the NFL. It’s tough to win any game in the NFL when your number one wide receiver has 2 catches for 16 yards as Keenan Allen did on Sunday. The defense has been solid against the pass and weak against the run; they’ll need to tighten that up to contend. (Last Week: 10)


  1. Seattle Seahawks (0-2) – Many folks predicted the Seahawks would start 0-2 and here they are. They are deficient on the offensive line and the secondary surely misses Kam Chancellor. With that being said, they’ve had the lead in the 4th quarter on the road in each of the first two weeks. In week three they return home to the best home field advantage in all of the NFL. Now it’s time to see if Wilson can get Jimmy Graham involved in his first home game as a Seahawk. (Last Week: 12)


  1. Dallas Cowboys (2-0) – The defense has been very good through two games in earning two victories; they will have to be spectacular in order to keep the Cowboys afloat while Romo and Dez heal. Lucky for the Cowboys, the rest of the division is awful. If Brandon Weeden and company can get a few wins in Romo’s absence, I’d still pick them to win the division. (Last Week: 9)


  1. Carolina Panthers (2-0) – An underwhelming 2-0 start, but a 2-0 start nonetheless. Cam Newton will new to produce more Superman-like performances to keep this depleted offense moving. The defense has been stout, but the Jaguars and Texans don’t exactly boast the highest powered offenses the league has to offer. (Last Week: 19)


  1. Indianapolis Colts (0-2) – Andrew Luck and the Colts seemed to have started this trend of slow starts last season. They’ll coast to the playoffs thanks to the division in which they play. Their new, veteran weapons have not panned out thus far and their defense is soft with a depleted secondary. (Last Week: 8)


  1. St. Louis Rams (1-1) – Good luck figuring this team out two weeks into the season. A week one win over the Seahawks seems to be a distant memory after getting pounded by the Redskins in week two. Todd Gurley appears to be ready to make his NFL debut on Sunday at home against the Steelers. Maybe Gurley can bring an identity to an offense severely lacking one. (Last Week: 14)


  1. Minnesota Vikings (1-1) – The Vikings bounced back on a short week after their embarrassing late Monday night loss in Santa Clara in week one. Adrian Peterson looked like the guy we remember, fumbles and all. I’m still looking for Teddy Bridgewater to look comfortable with his receivers, but certainly a much better performance Sunday at home against the Lions. (Last Week: 28)


  1. Tennessee Titans (1-1) – An inactive Delanie Walker and losing Kendall Wright for a portion of the game surely hurt Mariota in his 2nd Mariota finished with 257 yards and 2 touchdowns, but also took 7 sacks and lost 2 fumbles. The home fans will get their first live look at their young, new quarterback when the Titans host the Colts on Sunday with a chance to put Indy in an even deeper hole. (Last Week: 23)


  1. Baltimore Ravens (0-2) – The Ravens offense didn’t show up in week one and the defense followed suit in week two. Baltimore returns home in week three after two road games against the AFC West to open the season. Flacco and Steve Smith were on the same page in Oakland, they’ll need that when the 2-0 Bengals come to town. The defense shut down Peyton Manning, so we know they are capable. Time to put it all together. (Last Week: 16)


  1. Miami Dolphins (1-1) – It’s been a shaky start for one of the trendy picks to make some noise heading into the 2015 season. Ryan Tannehill and the offense can’t seem to find any rhythm. And now there is some controversy swirling on the other side of the ball with their big time free agent acquisition Ndamukong Suh. They better right the ship fast because the AFC East is no joke this year. (Last Week: 21)


  1. Detroit Lions (0-2) – Good news for the Lions, it doesn’t sound like Matthew Stafford’s shoulder injury is too severe. Stafford remembered a guy named Calvin Johnson in week two targeting him early and often. Losing Fairley and Suh is clearly killing this defense; that unit is in for a long season. (Last Week: 25)


  1. Washington Redskins (1-1) – The Redskins had a 4th quarter lead against Miami week one and pounded the Rams in week two behind rookie running back, Matt Jones (Who?). They have yet to face a juggernaut offense, but their defense has looked formidable. With injuries to Romo and Dez in Dallas, and the disasters brewing in New York and Philly, could this division belong to the Redskins? Nah! (Last Week: 27)


  1. Oakland Raiders (1-1) – Derek Carr was slinging it all afternoon against a Ravens defense that held Peyton Manning without a touchdown drive one week earlier. Carr found new targets Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree early and often. Carr also marched the Raiders right down the field for a game winning touchdown after throwing a horrible interception. The defense should have been better so far; but once they figure it all out, the Raiders could be on the rise. (Last Week: 30)


  1. New York Giants (0-2) – The Giants gave up game winning 4th quarter touchdown drives in each of their first two games. They don’t look in synch on either side of the ball. The only good news is that Odell Beckham Jr. seems to have returned to his rookie season form in their week two loss to the Falcons. (Last Week: 26)


  1. New Orleans Saints (0-2) – Losing at home, where they use to be unbeatable, to a rookie quarterback is not a good sign. Drew Brees’ shoulder injury is even worse news for the Saints. If Brees misses any significant time, this team is done. Brandin Cooks needs to get going for this team to be successful. The loan bright spot has been the play of Mark Ingram. (Last Week: 22)


  1. Philadelphia Eagles (0-2) – The Eagles look like a complete disaster through two weeks. The rushing attack has been shut down by average defenses. Sam Bradford looks uncomfortable. Their $63 million cornerback, Byron Maxwell, has looked awful. If this continues, the players could lose faith in Chip Kelly given the overturn in the offseason. (Last Week: 18)


  1. Cleveland Browns (1-1) – I was tempted to put the Browns higher because Johnny Manziel seems to be providing a much needed spark; but Mike Pettine has announced that Josh McCown will start week three. I am not even a Manziel fan, but it seems pretty clear that the team has rallied around him. The worst franchise in football continues to earn the title. (Last Week: 29)


  1. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-1) – The Jags defense has looked solid through the first two weeks and the offense found a bit of a groove in week two. It’s going to be tough for the offense to hit the home runs every week as they did in week two against the Dolphins, but at least they have something positive to build on moving forward. (Last Week: 31)


  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-1) – Jameis Winston rebounded nicely to get a road win within the division after week one’s travesty. The Bucs need Mike Evans to get up to speed quickly, especially with the loss of tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins for 4-6 weeks with a shoulder injury. (Last Week: 32)


  1. Chicago Bears (0-2) – Let the Jimmy Clausen era begin in Chicago. Just kidding! The offense is bound to struggle while Jay Cutler is out. Alshon Jeffery is banged up and Matt Forte isn’t what he used to be. The defense is about as bad as any in the NFL. I wonder if Jared Goff has ever been to the Windy City. (Last Week: 24)


  1. Houston Texans (0-2) – As an NFL team, you’re only as good as your quarterback play. Right now, the Texans have the worst quarterback situation in the NFL (sorry Washington). The defense has been a disappointment as well through two weeks. J.J. Watt and company will need to dominate in order to keep this team afloat this season. (Last Week: 15)

Week 1 NFL Power Rankings



It was a wacky, wild, and downright weird week one in the NFL. I think this season is going to be a changing of the guard of sorts for some of the usual suspects that contend for a Super Bowl year in and year out. There are some risers and fallers, some movers and shakers in my week one power rankings. Check them out and let me know what you think!


  1. New England Patriots (1-0) – If you want to be the champs, you have to beat the champs. The Patriots weren’t perfect in their week one victory over the Steelers, but a late touchdown made the game look closer than it actually was. As long as Belichick and Brady are running the show, this team will be a favorite to reach the Super Bowl.


  1. Kansas City Chiefs (1-0) – I am really trying not to overreact to what I witnessed on Sunday, but this team is making it too damn hard. The travis-kelceChiefs have spent numerous high picks on defense and it shows when you watch what I believe to be the best defensive unit in the NFL. They now have a formidable offense to go along with that monstrous D. Travis Kelce is a star and they now have a true number one wide receiver for Alex Smith in Jeremy Maclin (sorry, Dwayne Bowe).


  1. Green Bay Packers (1-0) – This team is certainly flawed (especially losing Jordy Nelson for the season) but as long as Aaron Rodgers is under center, they are a force to be reckoned with in the NFL. Bringing James Jones back (San Jose State, stand up!) to go along with Cobb and Adams already looks like a fantastic move.


  1. Cincinnati Bengals (1-0) – A week one win over the Raiders is nothing to write home about, but the Bengals looked damn good in doing it. The defense has been there, now Dalton seems poised to take the next step with his now healthy weapon at tight end. Like Travis Kelce in Kansas City, Tyler Eifert is going to help Andy Dalton take the offense to the next level.


  1. San Francisco 49ers (1-0) – This team is why I hate ranking teams in the preseason. The 49ers were supposed to be a dumpster fire this season based on the most tumultuous offseason we have ever witnessed. Carlos Hyde will be a workhorse at running back and acquiring Eric Mangini at defensive coordinator was one of the most overlooked moves of the offseason. I trust my eyes, and Jim Tomsula’s 49ers are no joke!
SANTA CLARA, CA - SEPTEMBER 14:  Carlos Hyde #28 of the San Francisco 49ers dives for a touchdown against the Minnesota Vikings in the second quarter of their NFL game at Levi's Stadium on September 14, 2015 in Santa Clara, California.  (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)


6. Buffalo Bills (1-0) – Tyrod Taylor made me reluctant to rank the Bills this high, but Rex Ryan went to back-to-back AFC Championships with Mark Sanchez at the helm. With a monstrous defense and a nice duo of running backs, this team has the potential to play deep into January.


7. Atlanta Falcons (1-0) – New head coach, Dan Quinn, had this defense looking much improved against the high powered Eagles on Monday night. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones might be the most lethal combo in the NFL along with the fellas in New England. 7-8-1 won the NFC South last year, but I think the Falcons will take the crown with a much better record this season.

8. Indianapolis Colts (0-1) – It’s time for the Colts to address the softness on the defensive side of the ball. They have the future of the quarterback position under center and will forever contend as long as Andrew Luck is leading the way. I look for them to bounce back after being trounced by the Bills in week one.


  1. Dallas Cowboys (1-0) – The loss of Dez Bryant, for what could be up to 12 weeks, knocked the Cowboys down my list quite a bit. Tony Romo still looked outstanding even without Dez for much of their week one matchup with the NFC East rival Giants. With the best offensive line in the NFL and a stable of running backs, I like Dallas a lot this year.


  1. San Diego Chargers (1-0) – It wasn’t pretty early for the Chargers week one against Detroit, but they came on strong in the second half. Philip Rivers has never looked great throwing outside of the numbers and now he may not have to with the weapons at his disposal. Keenan Allen looked like a star, Stevie Johnson is a great addition in the slot, Ladarius Green looks ready to make an impact, and they get Antonio Gates back in game five. They are deep at running back and former first round pick Melvin Ingram is healthy and going to bolster this defense.


  1. Denver Broncos (1-0) – It pains me to put Peyton Manning outside of my top ten, but I have to. He will struggle against good defenses this year because they don’t respect his arm. I still think they’ll make the playoffs with a solid defense, but I do not think they are true Super Bowl contenders.


  1. Seattle Seahawks (0-1) – I believe Kam Chancellor will play this season and Seattle needs him desperately. They are weak on the offensive line and the NFC West is the worst division to play in if you can’t protect your quarterback. Despite their offensive line play I think their defense, Wilson, Lynch, and Graham are still strong enough to help them remain contenders.

  1. Arizona Cardinals (1-0) – This defense might be my favorite to watch in the entire NFL. The Cardinals essentially have five defensive backs on 20-arizona-cardinals-previously-20ththe field at all times highlighted by Patrick Peterson, Tyrann Mathieu, and Deone Bucannon. Carson Palmer looked spry in week one and the receiving corps he’s working with aren’t bad either.


  1. St. Louis Rams (1-0) – Aaron Donald, learn the name! The Rams defensive line is the best in the business with four first round draft picks starting on the unit in Donald, Robert Quinn, Chris Long, and Michael Brockers. Nick Foles certainly looked like a good fit in week one and it was just time for the team to move on from the frequently injured Sam Bradford. I can’t wait to see this team when Todd Gurley takes the field.


  1. Houston Texans (0-1) – There’s no shame in losing to the Kansas City Chiefs. JJ Watt and the Houston defense make them an interesting team. The Texans need to figure out who will be throwing the ball to star wide receiver, DeAndre Hopkins, moving forward. Ryan Mallett looked better than starter Brian Hoyer, but part of that might be due to the game being out of reach while he was in there.


  1. Baltimore Ravens (0-1) – This team always fines a way to be in the playoff mix; I can’t imagine this year will be any different. The loss of Terrell Suggs to an Achilles injury will no doubt hurt the Ravens, but they already signed Jason Babin to fill that void.  Joe Flacco, Steve Smith Sr., and company will rebound from a rough week one against a stout Broncos defense.


  1. New York Jets (1-0) – Todd Bowles earned a win over the Browns in his head coaching debut. The defense looked as good as advertised. We should not write off Brandon Marshall just yet. If Chris Ivory can remain healthy, I like this team’s chances to compete; but I really wouldn’t bank on Ivory playing all 16 games.


  1. Philadelphia Eagles (0-1) – The offense got off to a shaky start in week one and newly acquired cornerback Byron Maxwell looks to have just robbed the organization blind. We know what Chip Kelly’s offense is capable of, but now it’s a matter of Sam Bradford staying healthy and finding a groove with all of his new toys.

JJ and BM

  1. Carolina Panthers (1-0) – A win over the Jaguars does not do much for a team in my rankings. I’ve never been a big Cam Newton fan and I am even less of a fan with how depleted they are on offense. If Luke Kuechly misses significant time with his head injury, the Panthers will be in trouble.


  1. Pittsburgh Steelers (0-1) – It’s too easy to say that things would have been different if Pittsburgh had Bell, Bryant, and Pouncey last Thursday at New England. The fact is that they looked ill-prepared for week one and their defense is among the worst in the NFL. I expect a lot of shootouts in their future once all hands are on deck. Ben Roethlisberger and Todd Haley need to find some consistency on the road if they are going to make a push for the playoffs.


  1. Miami Dolphins (1-0) – A week one win doesn’t mean much against the Redskins when you have to be rescued late by a punt return for a touchdown. The offense, which loaded up on weapons in the offseason, looked pathetic. The acquisition of Ndamukong Suh did not pay immediate dividends as they allowed Alfred Morris to rush for 121 yards on 25 carries. I am just not convinced that Ryan Tannehill is very good.


  1. New Orleans Saints (0-1) – The Cardinals defense was not the ideal defense to go up against in the first game of the post Jimmy Graham era for the Saints. Brandin Cooks looked anything but spectacular in week one of his sophomore season in the NFL. As Drew Brees goes, so do the Saints. The defense and offensive weapons are not good enough for this team to make much noise in 2015.


  1. Tennessee Titans (1-0) – Marcus Mariota had a performance for the ages in his first ever NFL game with four touchdowns and a perfect passer marcus-mariotarating of 158.3. The schedule is certainly kind to the Titans; they defeated Tampa Bay in week one and now have a date with Johnny Football and the Browns this Sunday. The Titans could ascend my Power Rankings rapidly if they show this type of performance again in week two. But for now, I have my reservations.


  1. Chicago Bears (0-1) – Jay Cutler and company did not look awful in their week one loss to Green Bay, but I still have no confidence in this team. Matt Forte looked quicker than he did at any point last season. I think John Fox will vastly improve this team’s consistency, but don’t think they have enough to compete with the big boys.


  1. Detroit Lions (0-1) – The Lions jumped all over the Chargers in the first half of their week one matchup behind an electrifying run by rookie running back, Ameer Abdullah. Up 21-3 midway through the second quarter, the Lions allowed the Chargers to rattle off 30 unanswered points in a 33-28 Chargers victory. Calvin Johnson does not look like the best wide receiver on Earth as he used to and the losses of Fairley and Suh in the offseason will certainly knock the defense down a peg or two.


  1. New York Giants (0-1) – Despite a narrow loss to NFC East rival, Dallas, I was not very impressed with the Giants. The offense looked downright awful in the preseason and continued the trend in week one. Eli Manning made the worst decision in the NFL when he threw the ball away late in the game instead of taking a knee which stopped the clock for the Cowboys, who were out of timeouts. Romo then led the Cowboys on a 6 play 72 yard drive in 1:27 for the game winning touchdown. Awful!


  1. Washington Redskins (0-1) – I expected the Redskins to look a lot worse with all of the distractions they faced this offseason surrounding RGIII. They did not look good by any means, but they were able to stay competitive against a Dolphins team that did not look ready for the start of the season. Big play wide receiver DeSean Jackson is already injured and will miss 3-4 weeks with a hamstring injury. Alfred Morris was the lone bright spot, rushing for 121 on 25 carries.


  1. Minnesota Vikings (0-1) – The Vikings looked shockingly bad. It seemed as though head coach, Mike Zimmer, and offensive coordinator, Norv Turner, forgot what Adrian Peterson is capable of. AP only touched the ball 13 times (10 carries and 3 receptions) for a total of 52 yards from scrimmage. That’s not the way to help out your second year quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater, who had 49ers defenders in his face all night. I won’t even mention what Carlos Hyde did to the Vikings defense.


  1. Cleveland Browns (0-1) – Josh McCown drove the Browns right down the field in their opening drive against the Jets, but then was concussed trying to do his best Johnny Manziel/John Elway impersonation on a scramble and dive at the goal line. Johnny Manziel replaced McCown and led the team to ten points on his first three drives before the Jets shut them out the rest of the way. There is a lack of weapons on offense and the defense is nothing to get excited about. The Browns are in for yet another disappointing campaign.


  1. Oakland Raiders (0-1) – There was a lot of hype about this team in the offseason, and boy did the Raiders do their best to kill the excitement in week one. I still believe Khalil Mack is going to be a star on defense, but there wasn’t much to be positive about in their week one loss at home to the Bengals. The good news is that Derek Carr’s injury doesn’t look like it will keep him out of their week two tilt with the Ravens in Oakland.


  1. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-1) – For the amount of times the Jags have picked in the top ten recently, they sure are devoid of talent. The team amassed three turnovers (one interception was returned for a touchdown), a missed field goal, a missed PAT. A 20-9 loss to the Panthers certainly isn’t the end of the world, but the Jags still seem destined for a disappointing season.


  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-1) – A 42-14 loss is always bad! The loss is even worse because the quarterback that they passed on with the number one pick in the draft (Marcus Mariota) came into their house and put up four touchdowns and a perfect passer rating while their new signal caller (Jameis Winston) had his first career pass intercepted and taken back for a touchdown. I think the league has passed Lovie Smith by. It’s going to be a long season for the Bucs.